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The Birdie Titles Page
Featuring all our current titles, hopefully you'll find a book to catch your fancy, including the free-download The Beckoning Within, and our premier titles The Celestial Angel and Secret of the Poppy.

The Falcon Library
This would be the place to find the latest flash fiction and short stories from T. Falcon.  Also look for special  collaborations with fellow science fiction author Jaebi.

Thunderquill Titles Available from
Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes&Noble

With titles ranging from science fiction, suspense and general fiction, hopefully you’ll find a little something to take you away from it all.  Raging in price from 99 cents to a 2.99, these new titles can be enjoyed in standard pdf, on your kindle device or with great reading applications for your PC or Mac.  Check below for links for these wonderful readers available in Kindle or Nook formats.

Falcon Titles at Smashwords
Titles in Kindle's Mobi Format, EPub, PDF, LRF and Palm Doc.
(PDF becomes available upon purchase of the title)

Falcon Books at Barnes&Noble

Falcon Titles at Amazon.com

Liberate Your Fiction With These Great Free E-readers
Adobe Digital Editions ~ An Elegant Little Reader for both Epub and PDF Files
(Reads the same format as the Barnes & Noble Nook E-Reader)
Kindle for your PC in Mobi ~ No Actual Kindle Needed and Displays in Color
Kindle for your Mac in Mobi ~ The Same Free App Macified and Also in Color
Barnes & Noble Nook for your PC ~ No Nook Device Needed and with Color
B&N Nook for your  Mac ~ The Same Free App Macified and Also in Color
Thunderquill Radio is
Getting Ready to Fly

Thunderquill Radio on Mixcloud, is a station that will feature radio drama, music and flights of the imagination in the spoken word.  We're currently accepting audio submissions and writing submissions for upcoming episodes of Falcon Wing Dreams, a radio show featuring brief stories, mini plays and poetry readings with a musical backdrop to stir the imagination.

Bird Tale Music ~ One by Thunderquill Radio on Mixcloud