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Futurescape Velocity Series
Book One ~ Celestial Angel

An ethereal alien, tethered to a luxury spaceliner bound for the stars, amuses herself by observing and studying the unsuspecting, yet immensely entertaining people~things that inhabit it. Captivated by one such being working aboard ship, she can’t help but follow him about as he tends to his duties, seemingly unaware of her presence.  But when she reluctantly finds herself in the company of a troubled and secretive man~thing looking for escape, she becomes an unwilling witness to a terrible crime she may be powerless to stop.

Our premiere science fiction title is now available from Smashwords, Barnes&Noble and  So take flight with the Celestial Angel aboard the luxury skyliner the Crystal Blue, to see where she'll take you.

The Beckoning Within

The peaceful realm of the Father, has always been a safe and loving place for Daya and the other children of the underworld.  But now Keenan, the most important person in Daya’s life, wants nothing more than to escape the protective confines of the only place they’ve ever known.  Now standing before the very doors that have always protected them throughout their delicate and tender lives, Keenan seeks to bring them crashing down.  That is, if the storming force on the other side, doesn’t rip the barricade of its hinges first.  And what will become of them and the world of the Father, if that happens?

The provocative tale of The Beckoning Within, was inspired by a “finish the sentence” word play with another science fiction and fantasy author, known as Jaebi and for that he has our thanks.  Enjoy the original version as published here at Thunderquill, or download its new incarnation for free at Smashwords or Barnes and Noble.


Secrets of the Poppy

For Clementine, Teddy and Samien their secrets are too overwhelming to manage.  Rigged for silent running, they are racing around the trio amid the seemingly tranquil waves of the culturally conflicted restaurant The Silk Poppy.  Loaded down with heavy emotional explosives, there’s no telling where, or who they’re going to hit upon impact.

When Clementine is unable to control the delicate deployment of one particularly devastating missile, she unwittingly sets her son Teddy on a potentially disastrous collision-course with her favorite waiter and longtime friend Samien.  And neither one of them are adequately prepared for the scorching outcome.  Accidental acts of domestic terrorism, long held deceptions revealed, unbridled rage leading to detonation...anything can happen over dinner.

Coming Soon
One Digit Off

For Clair Collins and her family, it was just a quiet evening at home dealing with naughty children and the messy aftermath of a trip to the grocery store.  Then the phone rings and everything changes in a heartbeat and deadly threat from a stranger.  What did she do? And why is this man threatening to kill both her and the captive he’s holding hostage? Then a blazing fact emerges by stealth and hits hard. It’s the wrong phone number.  This criminal has mistaken her for someone else after having dialed the Wrong Phone Number!

Sometime soon this exciting new thriller will be released through Smashwords Amazon and Barnes&Noble.  So keep an ear out for when it starts ringing near you.

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Previews for Thunderquill Titles
The best place to enjoy story previews for these and other titles is at Smashwords  Extended book previews are available on the site's readers or in Mobi, Epub (Nook) and in some cases PDF on free titles like the The Beckoning Within.
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